Letter Of Intent Law

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Stephenson,

BMX Constructions Ltd,



Mr Clarington,

MSRDC Construction Materials Ltd,


Dear Mr Clarington,

I, Mr Stephenson, from the BMX Construction firm, am writing this letter t make you aware of the changes which have cropped up in the Intent Law of this country. It is very apparent that any business has to abide by the rules and regulations put forward by the constitution of the country where this business is. The constitution of our country has resulted in the amendments of the Intent Business Law. These changes shall affect the approach which we garner towards our business methodology. Hence, it is necessary to be completely aware of these amendments and work in an according way.

The changes in the Intent Law of our country have been enclosed in the documents enclosed with this letter by our legal advisor and I appeal to you to go through these changes. We are looking forward to a meeting to discuss these amendments and your reply in this context.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stephenson