Letter of Eviction to Tenant

By | July 10, 2014

A letter of eviction to tenant is one that is sent by a landlord to the tenant for eviction from the property. This letter is of serious nature and calls for action on behalf of the landlord before initiating any legal proceedings against the tenant.

The letter should be carefully worded without any errors. One can get a better idea from the sample letter of eviction to tenant provided here below.

Sample Letter of Eviction to Tenant


Mr. Anthony Steve,

#4, London Street,

London, EU56

1st January 2014

Subject : Letter of eviction

Dear Anthony,

I am hereby writing this eviction letter to you as a notice for your eviction from my premises within a period of one week. I am forced to send this eviction letter to you as I have not received my rental payments for the past eight months in spite of repeated reminders and requests made to you.

I understand that you have lost your job in May 2013 and are the only earner in your family. Even though you promised that you will settle down with a new job within 2-3 months of losing your job. Despite knowing this fact I have done whatever I could and have been patient for a period of eight months. But I hope you understand that even I have financial commitments and cannot afford to miss my monthly rentals under any circumstances.

I therefore request you to evict my premises and peacefully handover the possession of the property to me so that I am not compelled to initiate any further legal action beyond this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Lewis.