Legal Thank You Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Marcus,

Legal advisor,

Wilson Communications Ltd,



Mr Darren,

4E, Waving Heights Apartments,

Wellington drive,


Dear Mr Darren,

I, Mr Marcus, the legal advisor for the Wilson Communications Ltd, am drafting this letter on behalf of the Wilson Communications Ltd firm in order to convey the heartfelt gratitude by the firm on the act of withdrawal of the complaint against the firm. It has been very unfortunate that the circumstances turned severe and the relations between you and this firm got sour. Last communication between the two of us has resulted in the elucidation of the fact that the problem has cropped up due to technical faults and no one can be held responsible for this.

It was very considerate of you to ignore the incident and the inconvenience that you have suffered and withdraw the complaint which was registered. I assure you that the firm shall show more responsibility in avoiding the unfavourable situations. I am hopeful that this unfortunate incident will not sour the relations between us.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Marcus