Legal Engagement Letter Template

By | April 12, 2010

April 10, 2010

Name of Client

Address of Client

Dear [Name of Recipient]

We take the pleasure of confirming our engagement of services with our organization [provide the legal name of your organization].

With regards to the procedure that the two companies agreed upon we intend to notify the engagement to initiate from [give suitable dates]. As per our terms [elaborate the terms and conditions on the bass of which the companies will work together on a project and mention any liabilities for each firm].

As your new projects would commence on [dates] we would embark on the same approximately on the following dates as per project:

Project name: Date of commencement

Project name: Date of commencement

Our fees for the services would [mentioned the discussed and agreed upon fees and any extra that you would charge under different circumstances]

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


[Authoritarian Signature]