Legal Demand Letter

By | April 12, 2010

9th April 2010

Name of Businessman,

Address of businessman

Dear Mr. David Done,

Under the Act of (mention the States General laws and Act number under which you will be sending the demand) I hereby forward my demand for $5,000 owed with reference to the invoices raised on the 30.01.10, 28.02.10 and 31.03.10.

Even after repeated reminders, we have not been the paid the money due for three consecutive months. As per the (state Act number, chapter number) stated below you are liable to the payment within 30 days period of time.

[Mention the Section of law under which you want to demand the money owed from the businessman. If you think mentioning the regulations are also necessary go ahead and do that.]

Due to your incapability of payment and unacceptable behavior with our company, we demand the amount owed, payable by 8.05.10 beyond which you would be liable for any legal suit that we file.


Mr. Ben Cross

Legal Attorney

For Benson Corporation Pvt. Ltd.