Legal Definition Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Elvis,

Legal advisor,

Masterstroke Insurance firm,



Mr Brown,

D-2, Bakers Street,


Dear Mr Brown,

This letter has been drafted with the purpose of throwing light on the recent amendments in the insurance policy clauses which have been generated by the authorities at the Masterstroke Insurance firm. The end of the financial year has brought the time for the implementation of the changes in the clauses of the insurance policies which have been discussed in the prior encounters. The changes in the existing clauses and the definition of the new clauses have been intimated in the documents which have been enclosed along with this letter.

The enclosure document is also equipped with the details of the changes which shall be implemented in the current insurance plans. You have been a majority stake holder in the bulk insurance sector and hence, we wish to emphasize that; please have a good view on these changes. We are looking forward to a prosperous future on the foundation of these changes.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Elvis