Legal Collection Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr William,


Globe View Co-operative Society,



All society members,

Globe View Co-operative Society,


Dear society members,

I, Mr William, the secretary of the Globe View Co-operative Society, am writing this letter to put light on some urgent issues which have cropped up. As you all are aware of the fact that the inspection from the municipal authorities has taken place during the last week. The inspection resulted in the findings of certain issues which have to be settled at the earliest as per the court orders. The things to be accomplished have been included in the documents enclosed along with this letter.

All the tasks to be completed result in a budget which is well above the society funds and hence an immediate collection of funds is called upon in this regard. The collection details have also been enclosed. The collection shall take place on the 21st of this month in order to complete the assigned tasks in the stipulated time line by the legal authorities.

Yours faithfully,

Mr William