Legal Business Letter Format

By | June 25, 2013


Name of the recipient

Job designation of the recipient

Name of the employer organization of the recipient

Official address of the organization

Date on which the letter is being written

Subject: Mention that the letter is for a certain legal business

Respected __________________ mention the last name of the recipient with an appropriate salutation before it,

First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention that the letter is in regards to a particular legal business. Mention the purpose of the legal business and the type of business. In case the business has been started as per a particular state law, mention the name of the state law and also the section of the law.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph mention in details about the business and also the process in which the business will be carried out. It is also necessary to mention the terms and conditions required to be followed by the parties entering into the business.

Third paragraph: Mention whether the recipient agrees to all the legal terms and conditions stated above. Also mention that you will be waiting for his response or feedback.


Name of the sender

Job designation of the sender

Name of the organization of the sender