Law School Admission Letter

By | November 21, 2014

Law school admission letter is a letter written by an applicant seeking admission in a law school. The letter written to the admission committee of a law school should reflect the applicant’s qualification and skill sets. Letter of recommendation also helps the admission committee to judge the students ability.

Sample Law School Admission Letter


Mr. Stephen Gilbert

Berkley University

Chicago, USA


Date: 19th August 2014


Sub: Admission letter for law school


Dear Sir

I am writing this letter so as to seek admission in your prestigious institution to pursue an advanced course in criminal law. I have completed my bachelor degree in criminal law from National University. My dedication and determination in the courtroom culture have urged me to specialize in the crime branch of law.

I hope to work as an advocate and research on the subject in future. I believe studying in your prestigious institution will provide me the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge, experience and honor. I am glad to inform you that I have practiced law for the past 3 yrs under the guidance of a senior advocate of our city. I believe the opportunity to study in Berkley University will help me to excel in future.

I have attached a letter of recommendation from the principal of National University with this letter. I hope my groundwork in practical fields of law would make me suitable for the advance course. Thank you for considering my application. If any other information is needed from my side, I can be contacted on 789788899.

Yours sincerely

James Herriot