Joint Venture Agreement Letter

By | June 9, 2014


George Fred


Sunrise Company

Marks Street



5th May 2015

Subject: Joint venture agreement letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Wisdom Company. This letter is to inform you that a joint venture agreement is set forth between Sunrise Company, located at Marks Street, London and Wisdom Company, located at London. This agreement is made and signed as on 30th April 2014.

According to the joint venture agreement letter, following things are intended and listed terms and conditions are followed:

1)      Overall structure: The main aim of both the parties is to establish a joint venture to produce a new beauty product, enriching skin and toning skin parts (by the tentative name of Supra Body Shiner).

2)      Negotiations: Both the parties agree to negotiate on the terms and conditions set forth by the joint venture agreement and they agree not to negotiate with any other party or person, directly or indirectly, for the entire period of the joint venture.

3)      Confidentiality: Both the parties will put in the best efforts to maintain all the confidential information that would be shared during the course of the joint venture.

4)      Entirety: This agreement and the documents enclosed constitute entire agreement, details and understanding between both the parties. Any kind of verbal, oral, promises, inducements or informal conversations would not impede the agreement’s terms and conditions.

5)      This joint venture has been made and constructed with all the fair means and not for or against any of the above mentioned parties. It does not impose any kind of obligations to any of the parties.

If the above mentioned terms and conditions are agreed with full consent, please sign the enclosed approval documents. For any kind of information or queries, please feel free to contact on 49394939.

Thanking you!


James Paul

HR Manager

Wisdom Company