Job Thank you Letter Format

By | November 16, 2011


Name of the recipient [write the name of the recipient]

Designation [write the designation of the recipient]

Address [write the address of the recipient with company name]

Date [mention the date of writing the letter]

Subject: [write the subject of the thank you letter]

Respected ___________ [write the salutation and title you find suitable according to the recipient]

First paragraph: [In this paragraph the sender must provide the information of the job/ profile he/ she has been appointed for. The paragraph should mention how the recipient helped the sender in the process of applying for and getting the job.]

Second paragraph: [In this paragraph the sender must thank the recipient for all the help.]

Yours sincerely [this line can be used to give the ending lines]

Name [write the name of the sender]

Job title [write the job title of the sender]

Address [mention the company name and the company address of the sender]