Job Reference Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Jack Berk

D-90, martingale square

New York

Respected Mr. Berk

Subject: Job reference letter

This is to inform you that I know Mr. Daniel Fredrick from the last 7 years, first as an employee and then as a great friend. He used to work as a junior marketing manager for the company ‘Maxwell systems’ which deals in IT products and softwares. I am the sales and marketing head in this company and can assure you that this person surely knows how to sell a product. This holds true not only in the case of IT products but also other consumer goods.

I can confirm to you that he shall be an asset for your company and would not let you down. You can take my word on this as a person who has been in the sales field for over 20 years now.

Mr. Daniel Fredrick too would be lucky and good fortune if he gets a chance to work for a reputed organisation run by you.

Ben Will

Maxwell systems