Job Letters

By | November 16, 2011

Job letters cover a wide range of phenomenon occurring at the job front from job offer to job promotion. It may be written by the recruiting company or by the candidate depending on what the purpose of the letter is. The content of the letter would thus vary with the type of letter. However what remains constant is the general tone of the letter which is kept formal and strictly professional.

The following aspects of the letter should be remembered most acutely for positive effects:

  • If it is an application letter, the information should be provided in a free-flowing manner, without uneasy punctuations at incorrect places, to sustain the reader’s interest. Also, the skills and qualifications should be emphasized proportionately without unduly exaggerating on them.
  • In case of a job interview letter, the sender should specify the reason behind inquiring about the vacant post and where his point of interest lies so that the interviewer is sure about his motivation.
  • Job offer and job promotion letters should address the candidate properly mentioning his name, address and contact information in the preliminary junction of the letter. The last date of response must be disclosed.
  • Resignation letters must carry the exact cause of resignation otherwise it is not counted as valid.

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