Job Letter Format

By | November 16, 2011


Name of the recipient

[Write the name of the recipient]


[Mention address of the recipient above]

Date [Mention date of sending this letter]

Subject: [Write down the subject of the letter in less than 10 words]

Respected __________ [write the suitable salutation and a title for the recipient]

First paragraph: [the first paragraph of the letter is where the sender of the letter provides the recipient with all the required information about himself/ herself. This paragraph gives all the relevant details of the applicant such as his/ her qualifications, skills etc.]

Second paragraph: [this paragraph is utilised for explaining why the applicant finds himself or herself suitable for the particular job/ position]

Third paragraph: [here the sender has to conclude his/ her letter.]

Yours sincerely[here write the ending words]

Name of the sender [here write the name of the sender]

Address of the sender [write the address of the sender]