Invitation Letter to Embassy

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Gary Boyle,

Minister for External Affairs,

United Kingdom


Indian Embassy,

United Kingdom

Dear people,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of the Ministry for External Affairs of United Kingdom with the purpose of inviting the entire Indian Embassy for the cultural fest for this year. The relation between the two countries has been fluent and favourable in the recent years and we wish to take this further by extending the cultural arm of our country for friendship. The cultural event for this year will be an amalgamation of the different cultures from India and the native culture from the different parts of United Kingdom. This cultural event has been planned with the aim of reviving certain cultures from both the regions which are on the verge of extinction and promote the prosperity of all the cultures and customs.

We are looking forward for a successful and desired event which shall be fruitful in developing cultures from both the regions. Hoping for a successful event,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Gary Boyle