Interview Letters

By | November 16, 2011

Interview letters play a very significant role in the decision taken by the recruiters whether to hire a candidate or not. The choice of words and tone take up an almost equally important place along with the content and information provided through the letter. The candidate has to know how to conceptualize and frame the information to be given for maximum result and increased chances of employment.

The following guidelines may help write a successful letter to a certain extent:

  • The first impression is created through a letter inquiring about vacant posts. This can be made extraordinary and influential by adding information about the candidate’s personal experiences and tryst with the company.
  • The letter should be accompanied by the resume of the sender if written for the first time and by reference number of the resume if written as follow up of previous letters.
  • An interview letter may be given to fix up an interview with the company in order to acquire specialized information even when vacancy is absent. In that case, the point of interest and its reason should be validated.
  • Thanking forms a part of business custom and the letter can be written to express gratitude for conducting the interview.

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