Interview Decline Letter

By | July 9, 2014

Interview decline letter is written by the candidate to the HR manager, explaining him the reason for not attending the interview, on the said date. Interview decline letter should be written in a very professional and subtle manner. Here is one sample of such interview decline letter sample for help.

Sample Interview Decline Letter

The HR Manager
ABC Pvt. Ltd

28th May 2014

Sub: Decline of interview

Dear Sir,

Thank you for considering me for the position of business development manager at ABC Group. I had the opportunity to research ABC Group prior to sending you my curriculum vitae. I have read many positive things about your company and I am especially impressed with the strides ABC Group has made in the international rialto over last fifteen years.

It is with regret that I must decline your offer for an interview. This week, I accepted job offer with another organization, I feel I must accolade the commitment made to my incipient employer. I believe it would be inequitable to take up your valuable time when I will not be able to accept a position if offered.

I have already declined the job interview opportunity through your official website, as directed in your interview request letter. Please consider this letter as a personal thank you. I appreciate your consideration.

I am sure that you will find the right candidate to fill this position. I intend to keep your contact information safely, and hopefully, I will have the chance to meet you at some point in the future. Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to attend an interview at your esteemed organization.

Best Regards,

Axel Fernandes.