Internship Proposal Letter

By | November 27, 2013


Leonardo Bob

Institute of Management and Communication



21st October 2013

Subject: Internship Proposal Letter

Respected Mr. Bob,

I am a 2nd year student of University of Buckingham, pursuing my Bachelor’s in mass communication. Through this letter, I would like to put a proposal to be considered as a suitable candidate for the current internship program, started at your institute. I got to know about the internship session through your web posting, on the website

I have always been a meritorious student, all through my high schooling at St. Patrick’s Senior Secondary School. This internship program from your esteemed institute is of great interest to me as I look forward to gain practical experiences and hand on knowledge related to the field of mass communication. Through this internship proposal letter, I would like to outline my interest and skills to prove myself as a deserving intern. I am specifically interested in learning and gaining exposure about public awareness campaigns, communication media and other related social media.

The enclosed resume will further detail you about my profile and educational background. I look forward for a positive reply from you in response to my internship proposal. For details or information, please contact me on 4939593.

Thanking you.


Eric Watson