Intent to Vacate Letter

By | June 22, 2015

An Intent to vacate letter is a form of letter written by the tenant to the  owner of the apartment or house property or known as the landlord informing him or her of leaving the area and moving out into new residences or whatever reason of vacating the rental area.

Sample Intent to Vacate Letter

James Stewart

100 Daylight Apartment,

Hill Park, London

May 25, 2015

Steve Lowe


Daylight Apartment,

Hill Park, London

Subject:  Intent to vacate

Dear Landlord,

I am writing this letter to inform you my intent to vacate your rental apartment located at Hill Park, London, the Daylight Apartment. The reason for this is, my family and I will move into new residences near in my current employer.

Our agreement regarding the rental payment emphasizes that, the amount of security deposit that I have settled will be returned after handing over or vacating the rental property. As a tenant, I take the full responsibility of maintaining my room apartment clean and free from damages before I decided to leave this place.

Our rental agreement also states that, once I informed you about my intent to vacate, I am required to pay the monthly rent of $100 for a duration of 30 days period as what we have agreed upon.

I shall be aware in advance if you will make the room apartment for viewing to your prospective tenants.

Thank you.

James Stewart

0927 8901234