Insurance Claim Complaint Letter

By | September 29, 2014

An insurance claim complaint letter is normally written by the individual to the insurance company complaining them about their services related to claim. The reason for complain may vary from person to person. All the details regarding the insurance policy like insurance number, validity etc must be included within the letter.

Sample Insurance Claim Complaint Letter


Mr. John Brown,


ABC Corporation,

67-J, May fair Street,


Date: 21.7.14

Dear Mr. Brown,

Subject: Insurance claim complaint

I am writing this letter in order to lodge an official complaint against your company for not providing the insurance claim money on time. I purchased your health insurance policy numbered 56876 for my mother 25 years earlier and have been paying regular installments without any delay. At the time of purchasing the policy, I was promised with $4500 at the time of need.

Recently my mother had to undergo a laser operation because of stones in her kidney. I contacted your office for getting the money wherein I was informed to undergo several formalities before I could get the money. I left no stones unturned to fulfill all the formalities yet the money I was supposed to get was not dispatched.

I already made an informal complaint with one of your representatives but since no action was taken, I am forced to lodge a formal complaint. Kindly review my complaint and take appropriate actions for the same. The operation has already been delayed so kindly take extra care that the money is released from your side.

Thank you for going through my complaint.


Sarah Parker

Insurance number -898800/89009