Inquiry Letters

By | July 16, 2011

Inquiry letters are online or typed letters of concern sent to a prospective job-generating company with hindsight to take a position in the firm. These are written to corporate firms, the profile, pay-package, administration and policies of which ardently interest the writer. It is also written to seek out information from a source like railway timings, product specifications, insurance policies and the like.

The content of the letter should not come across as a mere repetition of questions sent earlier or extension of the same body of information that has been released in the respective website, pamphlets and newspaper advertisement. If any doubt or question arises or persists, then it should be directly hit at without unnecessary circumstantialities. In case of a letter to a conglomerate of directors, the writer must provide a silhouette of his skills, grades and reasons behind his soaring interest in the organization.

The delicate aspects of the inquiry letter lie in the following points:

  • The tone of the letter should be decisive and determined.
  • The questions must be unambiguously framed and the word-count should be kept minimal.
  • The details of the sender and addressee must be given accurately.
  • A date of dispatching the letter is also important.

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