Informal Business Letter

By | July 2, 2013


Jude Law

Manager of Operations

Mill Tech Private Limited

76 Green Mile Street

New London, UK 6390

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Subject: Letter to introduce my new business

Dear Jude,

I hope you find this letter in good health. The purpose of writing this letter is that I would like to bring to your notice that I am starting a new business in order to provide cleaning and plumbing services to office premises and residences. I was thinking that your organization must be requiring these services, so it would be great if you could put in a word for me.

I would be sending a team of five people once a week who would inspect the office premise and clean it as per requirement. They will also check all sanitary fittings and inspect whether repair is required. I can assure you that I can provide the service at the best possible price in the market. I can also assure that the higher management would surely appreciate our service and there would be no scope for complaint.

I hope you can help your friend in this regards. I would be thankful to you if I get the contract. Looking forward to your reply.


Leo Burnett