HR Employee Complaint Letter

By | September 29, 2014

When people from different background and culture work together it is very common to face issues. When co workers face problems with one another, an HR employee complaint letter comes into play. The HR can be informed about the issue through a formal complaint so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Sample HR Employee Complaint Letter


Mr. Jason Brown,

HR Head,

Red Hill Corporation,

67-K, Rose Villa,

Park Street,


Date: 21.7.14

Dear Mr. Brown,

Subject: employee complaint letter

I am writing this letter to lodge an official complaint against my team leader Mr. John Green. Mr. Green has been continuously bullying me for the past six months.

From the time Mr. Green has become our team leader for the project, he is constantly bullying me and some of my other colleagues too. Mr. John is responsible for creating a tensed environment in the office which is also the reason why we are not able to perform our jobs properly. I have already tried contacting the supervisor but he was not very interested in hearing my issues which is the reason I was forced to contact you for investigating the matter.

The constant pressure from Mr. Green has led to the downfall of my self confidence and self esteem. I had already tried to deal with the situation on my own but when all the doors of escape were closed; I had no other option than contacting you.

Kindly look into the matter as soon as possible as it is becoming very difficult for us to cope up with this constant pressure.

Thank you for going through my complaint letter.


Andy Anderson.