How To Write A Promotion Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mrs Kahn,

General Manager,

Victor Telecommunication Ltd


Mr Strauss,


Victor Telecommunication Ltd

Dear Mr Strauss,

I, Mrs Kahn, the General Manager for the Victor Telecommunication Ltd, am writing this letter to announce that you have been promoted to the post of chief engineer for the Victor Telecommunication Ltd. This decision has been reached unanimously by the team inspecting the performances put forward by the various engineers at Victor Telecommunication Ltd. Your performance has been at par on a consistent basis and owing to this consistency, the authorities have decided to award you the promotion. This promotion marks the beginning of a new era in your career and I hope that you shall colour it with vivid colours.

The firm has complete faith in your abilities and now it is your turn to justify your promotion and come up with ideas and solutions that shall help build a prosperous future for the firm. Looking forward for an excellent performance from the new chief engineer of this firm,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Kahn