Holiday Thank You Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Ms Jean,

Sales manager,

Pure Water Purifiers Ltd


Mr Scott,

Head of Sales department,

Pure Water Purifiers Ltd

Dear Mr Scott,

I, Ms Jean, am writing this letter to express my pleasure and gratitude in accepting the holidays which the firm has awarded to me. It took me with a pleasant surprise when I was made aware about the holidays for the first time and I was completely overwhelmed by this gesture. I am looking forward to enjoying the holidays for it is an award for all the hard work which I have put in my work during last year. I am glad that the firm values my contributions so much and I wish to express my gratitude for making me a part of such a staff-friendly and staff responsive firm.

I would also want to exploit this opportunity to assure you that I shall work even harder and shall help the firm achieve its aim with all my mental and physical vigour. I am looking forward for yet another successful year,

Yours faithfully,

Ms Jean