Hilarious Friendship Letters

By | June 28, 2013


Jean Pierre

89 East Side Street

Times city, UK 3490

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Hi Jean,

I hope you are fine and you receive this letter in good health. I actually was browsing through old letters and pictures that day along with my wife and it reminded me of the hilarious moments we had during our school days.  Those were really fun days and I remember that were a pain for the teachers and the students we used to bully.

I remember the incident when he had placed an insect on the seat of our female teachers. Do you remember that we had this really pretty English teacher Miss. Moore on whom you had a crush. We never used to miss any of her classes. I remember how she used to be afraid of insects. One day she had punished us for not bringing our textbook and made us stand outside the class holding our ears. In order to take revenge I had placed a rubber lizard on her seat next day. On seeing that, she freaked out and ran out of the class. The whole class had burst into laughter.

I hope you remember such hilarious incidents during schooldays. Those days were real fun. Let’s catch up someday and remember those old days together.

Your friend,

Ron Howard