Grievance Letters

By | November 15, 2011

A grievance letter is synonymous to a complaint letter written formally to let the authority know about the existing flaws in the system. It may take over any kind of problem related to the products or services of the company or both. Usually companies have complaint cells to handle these cases. The letter postulates areas of concern and proper measures that may be taken for recuperation of the situation.

The major regions of consideration in this case have been highlighted here:

  • The first paragraph should reveal the purpose of writing and instantly educate the recipient about what the concern is specifically; if it is the service or it is the product quality that has caused the writer to take such a step.
  • Request for compensation may be made if it has a valid ground. This should be stated along with the downs faced by the customer to inform the company head about his position.
  • Use of abusive language and derogatory terms should be strictly avoided. However, warnings may be given in a subtle manner using the words tactfully in order to ensure result.
  • The expectations of the customer should be provided in the closing paragraph which includes a reply from the company.

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