Grievance Letter Template

By | November 15, 2011


Name of recipient: [Give name of person or company]

Designation: [Mention the position or designation of the recipient]

Address: [Mention address of company or person’s office]

Date: [Give date of writing the letter]

Subject: [Write down the subject you have a grievance about]

Dear ________, [Write down the salutation/greeting and the name of the recipient with the appropriate title]

This is to bring to your notice that I have complaint against _________ [give name and designation of person] as he/she has been ___________ [give reason for grievance]. This has been continuing since _________ [give number of months, weeks or a single date since the problem started] and I am having difficulty working here because of this.

I hope you will take action as such behaviour is against the policy of the company.

Yours truly,

Name of sender: [Mention sender’s name]

Employee ID: [Give employee code or ID of sender]

Address: [Mention address of sender]