Grievance Letter Format

By | November 15, 2011

Name of the company:


Company’s address:


Subject: [Describe your purpose of the letter in less than 10 words]

Dear/Respected Sir\Ma’am,

[This is the most crucial paragraph as here you must inform the recipient what is the problem and what is your grievance. Basic facts related to the situation must be written down and you need to mention details what happened or mention any reference number, dates, place etc.]

[In this paragraph, you can explain your grievance in details and also give a short background of the problem. You could also suggest a reasonable and applicable solution to the problem]

[Before signing off, give your contact details and end the note on a positive note, at the same time you must be firm so that the recipient can understand that you are serious about the issue.]

Thanking you,

Your name

Name of your company [this is optional if you are filing a personal grievance]