Greeting Cards Professional Invitation Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Crouch,

Head of Marketing Department,

Finnegan Companies Ltd,



Mr Carl,

Marketing manager,

Finnegan Companies Ltd,


Dear Mr Carl,

I, Mr Crouch, head of the marketing department for the Finnegan Companies Ltd, am writing this letter to put forward an invitation to the Cheese and Wine party. This party has been organised by the Chief Executive Officer and also the Chairman of the Finnegan Companies Ltd, Mr Finnegan. The occasion for the party is 20th anniversary of the Finnegan Companies. The party shall be grand. The details of the party, that is, the venue and schedule, have been enclosed along with this letter.

Success of the firm marks the success of every associated employee and it family. The party visiting person has been requested to get along to the party with their spouses in their company. I know that you are yet to get married but still you can bring your fiancé to the party. Looking forward to have an excellent time at the get together to be remembered for long,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Crouch