Goodbye Letter to Friend

By | August 21, 2013


Terrence Malik

90 Indian Way Road

New York, New Jersey 4589

Dated: 3rd of July 2012

Dear Terence,

I am really emotional while writing this letter. I would have to bid you goodbye as I am going abroad for higher studies and would be residing there for next few years.

You have been one of my best friends who have always been a person close to my heart. Our friendship is ten years old and we have spent numerous moments that I would be cherishing for the rest of my life. I am going to Prague in order to pursue Master’s degree in Film Studies. It is a year course followed by two years of internship. So, I would be there in Prague for at least next four years. Although my academic ambition is getting fulfilled, I am sad as I would be far away from my friend. I would be missing the moments we have spent together.

I would request to keep writing me letters and I would do the same. As soon as I take up a local number in Prague, I would pass it on to you. I would be missing you and take care of yourself.

Your friend,

John Woo