General Employment Recommendation Letter

By | December 4, 2014

Whenever a person recommends a candidate for employment at a certain position in a certain company, then the letter that is used to make this recommendation is known as a general employment recommendation letter. Such letters must speak highly of the candidate being recommended and must be framed using a formal format and tone.

Sample General Employment Recommendation Letter:


Pearl Timothy

Senior HR Manager,

Gregson group of companies

W-45, Renley Street, D block

London, United Kingdom

5th May 2014

Subject: recommendation for the position of Accountant

Dear Ma’am

I, David Bernard, the owner of Bernard Shaw Company am writing this letter to you to make a recommendation for the job position of an accountant in your firm. I strongly recommend Miss Jenna Parker for this position and can vouch for her excellence at accountancy and dedication at work.

I came to know Miss Parker when she was employed at my firm as a junior accountant and later as an accountant. She worked for us for 3 years and displayed top quality hardwork, diligence and honesty. Her potential for accountancy is high and she is always ready to learn and adapt.  I am sure she will be a good addition to your already existing team of excellent workers and can personally take guarantee for her performance.

I am sure she will fulfil all your expectations and will perform better than you think she would. For any more information, you can directly call me at 47035095.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

David Bernards