Funny Resignation Letter

By | October 10, 2011

Janice Wilson

11512 Washington St

Denver, CO 80233


Mr. Philip Thomas

General Manager

Fabulous Company


15th March, 2010

Sub: Resignation letter

Dear Sir,

I wish to submit my resignation from the post of Executive Assistant to the General Manager.

I had taken up this job, hoping to learn my reins in management.  After two years here, all I can say is I have learnt to manage, two Starbucks Lattes, one sandwich, one hot dog and a couple of tubs of chicken fries, in my hands!

I realized that Executive Assistant is a euphemistic term for someone who runs errands for you, more on the lines of an errand boy/girl who is at your beck and call.

I wish to take on ‘more responsible’ roles in the future, as I see my career heading only towards the Café, if I keep working here.

Thank you for entrusting me with such ‘heavy responsibility’ (pun intended).


Janice Wilson