Funny Holiday Letter

By | July 16, 2011



Class 7,

New Model School


Ms Braganza,

Class 7 teacher,

New Model School

Dear Ms Braganza,

This is James on the other side of the letter talking to you. This letter has been written to extreme desperation and I am hopeful that this letter shall fulfil the purpose for the desperation. Madam, I am very much in need of a holiday. I am saying so because the pressure of studies has got over me and I am going through a lot of stress and anxiety in the recent times. As you are aware of the fact that I always aim for the eagle’s eye in every task which I undertake, and in this course I have lost track on y health and I am going towards insanity.

After realising this, the only thing which I thought shall give me peace is a considerably long holiday and hence, it is for this reason that I am writing this letter. I am hopeful that you shall give me the permissions,

Yours honestly,