Funny Goodbye Letter

By | June 15, 2011

Dear Mary,

It has been so long since we became friends and it has also been so long since you are bearing me. I know you do not want bear me anymore. So your wish is really going to be true. I am leaving this country next week. I know you would be very happy with this as you are getting rid of me.

So I am bidding last farewell to you. I hope from here onwards you will happiest life as there will not be anyone to bother you. I have to leave this country due to my placement in other country. I have got job better job than this one in another country so I would have to get settled there.

Please bid my farewell to your parents as well. I would like to urge you though I was so bothering person for yet I hope that you will remember me.  In future if I will get chance to meet you then I do like to meet you dear.

I am sorry dear I bothered you a lot.


Your friend,