Funeral Condolence Letter

By | October 3, 2014

Writing a funeral condolence letter is a difficult task as you have to express all that you feel for the bereaved as also you need to express how the departed had touched your life in different ways. Keep your condolence letter short and preferably hand written instead of typed, include an acknowledgement of the death followed by your sincere sympathy and feelings conveyed in a fairly short message. You can also mention your feelings on how the deceased had touched your life. Find below a sample of a condolence letter.

Sample Funeral Condolence letter

Dear Joseph,

It is with deep sympathy and sincere feelings I write to offer my heartfelt condolence on the death of Uncle Rob, your father, my guide. I have turned to him for advice on so many occasions. Uncle Rob was always there whenever I wanted to discuss a specific plan with him and has offered me his valuable advice on execution of my plans.

I have seen how important a part of life he was for you too, guiding you and helping you to grow up into the fine gentleman that you have become. A helpful person by nature and an optimistic man, Uncle Rob touched all around him with his cheerful countenance.

May God give you strength to get over this difficult time and may the departed soul rest in peace. If I can be of any help to you in these difficult times just give me a call and I will be there with you.


With Sincere condolences

Mariam Dogra