Friendship letters

By | June 15, 2011

Friendship letters are a good way of keeping in touch with old and new friends.  However, in this day of cryptic communications and instant messaging, it is rare to sit down and actually write letters to friends.  But it is surely the best way of sustaining any friendship.

While writing friendship letters, keep the tone casual.  You can start with a casual greeting.

When your friend reads the letter it should appear as if you are “talking” to him/her rather than “writing”.  So, the tone of the letter would be just as you would talk to a friend if he/she was with you.

It is good to share what is happening in your life to keep your friend in the picture.  What you share with your friend depends entirely on the level of friendship you both share.  The level of intimacy with your friend would dictate the contents of the letter.

Avoid dramatic details and melodramatic statements, it is good to stick to real-life happenings.

If you are writing to a friend of the opposite sex, it is good to avoid any lines which may suggest anything more than a friendship.  This could jeopardize a good friendship.  For instance, it is best to avoid terms of close-endearments or signing off in an intimate way.  Your intentions should not be misread at any point in your letter.

The letters can be signed off on a note of keeping in touch and good wishes.

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