Free Sample Marketing Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Kolinsky,

Marketing manager,

Wings Apparels Ltd,



Mr Rodriquez,


Student Ball event,


Dear Mr Rodriquez,

I, Mr Kolinsky, the marketing manager of Wings Apparels Ltd, am writing this letter in response to the application sponsorship letter which you have conveyed dated 14 December, 2010. The event details have been studied by us and we are glad to announce that we are ready to sponsor the part of the event which we have been approached for.

The sponsorship shall be provided in segmented form. Forty percent of the sponsorship shall be provided in the form of gift coupons for apparels and accessories which shall be awarded to the winners of the various competitions to be held during the event. The rest of the sponsorship shall be delivered in cheque a week prior to the event. Also, we need prime locations or the posters and banners which shall be displayed during the event. The topography of the venue is under study and the further details shall be provided later.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Kolinsky