Formal Apology Letter

By | June 2, 2009

A formal apology letter is one that is required for presentation whenever an apology is required as a result of a poor service delivery or between a head and his subjects. This letter should be brief and to the point, stating the facts as they are as well as retaining its formality by not attempting to sound unofficial or relaxed. This apology letter should do more than compensate for whatever caused the error and should never be written in a way that sets out to intimidate but should always maintain the feeling of regret or remorse. Most apology letter writers tend to overdo their letters with large complex wordings and reasons that tend to blow the context out of proportion and in the end; they never get the exact emotion out and perpetually fail at eliciting the necessary response that was expected from the recipient. A formal letter should have the formality and simplicity that carries through the communication that further response is welcome and seek to re-establish already broken confidence.