Final Warning Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Jonathan Banner

8127 Highland House

837 Palm Drive, California

November 10, 2011

Subject: Final warning against non-payment of rent

Dear Mr Banner,

You have not been paying the rent since the last two months and you have a due of $1,200. Ten days of this month has also passed by and I have not received any rent from you this time too. In spite of repeated warnings, there seems to be no change in your condition. Please take this as a final warning letter, whereby if you do not pay the total rent by tomorrow, you will have to vacate this apartment.

I have many tenants who are willing to pay even more for this apartment and I do not want to hear your excuses any more. You are aware of the terms and conditions and not paying the rent for so long is a clear violation of those terms.

Yours truly,

Joseph Giles

8126 Highland House,

837 Palm Drive, California


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