Fax Letters

By | January 31, 2011

In this age of computer and internet technology, there are alternative ways to send our letters aside from through snail mail.  These alternatives include sending letters through email or sending fax letters.

Fax letters are letters sent to the recepient through the fax machine.  It is an advantage to use fax letters since they get sent to the recepient in minutes, much faster than if you send them through the post office.  In addition, you will also avoid getting your letter lost or not having it read immediately.  Fax letters can be sent directly to the person we are writing it to and thus can be read immediately by the receiver.

Different kinds of letters can be sent through fax.  In fact, almost all kinds of letters can be sent by fax as long as the person or group you are sending them to has a fax number.  Make sure that the letter is addressed properly so that it will be given to the correct person especially if your letter is being sent to a shared office.

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