Fax Cover Letters

By | June 15, 2011

These days, it is also effective to apply for job vacancies by sending fax cover letters.  Some companies even prefer having fax cover letters and specify it in their requirements.  This is preferred by some companies since it is an efficient and quick way to get applications and information from candidates.  When looking for jobs, you can be assured of having a better chance of landing a job by also sending fax cover letters aside from sending through mail or the internet.

Important rules to remember in making fax cover letters are the same in making cover letters.  Make your letter neat and clean, have it printed in readable blank ink, and keep it short and straight to the point.  Make sure that your fax cover letter contains the important details of your application and your credentials.  It should immediately get the attention of the person reading the letter.  Before sending the fax cover letter, always proofread to prevent any typographical or grammatical errors.

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