Farewell Letter To Family

By | July 11, 2013


My family members

Sun Rise Apartments

78 Universal High Street

Florida, Miami 7490

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Dear All.

I feel very emotional while writing this letter as I have to bid all of you farewell. It would be really difficult for me as I am going far away to a different city.

I have now grown up and need to make a career for myself. I have recently been appointed as a customer service executive in Aspen Group of Companies for which I have to move to a different city. I have no idea that how would I manage with you all especially mom. Mom, I would be missing your pampering. Now, I would have to do all household work myself. Dad, I would be missing your long lectures on career. Now I realize the importance of those. I would also be missing you my brother. I would miss the baseball games that we used to go for together.

I request you all to stay in touch and write a letter. As soon as I take a local number I will keep you all informed. Take care of yourself and I will miss you all a lot.


Jack Bean