Excursion Permission Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Mr and Mrs Adams,

Kobey Lane,


October 2, 2011

Subject: Request for permission for excursion

Dear Mr and Mrs Adams,

All students of Class X will be going on an excursion to the Rocky Mountains on October 9-13, 2011, starting from the school grounds at 9 am. Like every year, we take our senior classes to different places in the country so that they can get a chance to see and know about these wonders and also interact with their classmates in an informal setting. The cost of this excursion is $75.00 per student which includes the ticket price, food and lodging costs. The sightseeing costs are going to be sponsored by the St Luther field trips Trust Fund.

Please make sure you child carries winter clothing. The money is due by October 5. If you give permission to this excursion, please sign the permission slip.

Thanking you,

Jasmine Carlson

Class teacher, Standard X,

St Anthony’s School