Example Of Consent Letter

By | September 19, 2014

A consent letter is basically a declaration of the consent of the authority you give to someone else to perform an activity on your behalf. These activities could be taking responsibility of your child, making a decision for your family in your absence, and signing on papers related to work or business. This type of letter can also mean that you have nothing against a certain decision and that you will not stand in the way of a judgment being passed. An example of consent letter is given below.

Sample Example Of Consent Letter

To whom it may concern

ABC Corporation

Dated: 08.01.2014

To whom it may concern,

Subject: Consent Letter for Business Deals

I Michael Burrows, the owner and CEO of ABC Corporation do hereby authorize Mr. Jeremy Becker (The managing director of ABC Corporation) to finalize business deals and sign off on them while I am away from 08.05.2014 through 09.01.2014. He is liable for any business dealings that take place during that time and he may also decide to negate a business dealing if he so desires.

This consent letter allows him to start off on a project and to also make payments for the same. Mr. Becker will sign all the relevant documents and his decision will be considered final. It will also be the responsibility of Mr. Becker to guide our existing clients of the line of work that is being pursued currently and to introduce the new members on board to our culture and line of work. He shall have all the roles and responsibilities that I currently have.

Thanking You

Michael Burrows

Owner and CEO of ABC Corporation