Event Sponsorship Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Ms Marian Philips,

MD, New Tech Inc


October 11, 2011

Subject: Request for sponsorship of tech event

Dear Ms Philips,

We request you to be a sponsor at the annual tech event “MindTrick” of our engineering college National Institute of Engineering Studies in Austin, to be held from November 1 to 10, 2011. MindTrick is one of the most popular tech events in the country where more than 2,000 people participate every day to display their creations, projects and ideas. This is the 4th MindTrick event.

If you agree to be our sponsor, we assure you that your company will get mention in all major displays and ads of the event, in the media and in the venue. You and other representatives of the company are most welcome to attend the event and encourage the participants. Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours truly,

Millie Rhodes

President, Students Association of Engineers

National Institute of Engineering Studies