Employment Resignation Letter

By | October 10, 2011

Jane Roberts

6042 Big Springs Ct

Las Vegas, NV 89112


General Manager

XYZ Company

Las Vegas, NV 89112

14th September, 2011.

Sub: Resignation from the post of Senior Project Manager

Dear Sir,

I wish to tender my resignation from the post of Senior Project Manager.  I wish to re-locate to San Jose, California, as my spouse has got a very good job opportunity there.

It was my pleasure and privilege to work with a great team.  I hope in future, our paths may cross and I get an opportunity to work in an inspiring and supporting environment like this.

If I can be of any help from the new place, kindly let me know.  I shall do my best to make the transition of duties a smooth affair.

Please consider this as a two-week notice, effectively ending on 30th September 2011.

I request you to kindly finish any formalities like exit interview etc, at the earliest as this will enable me to re-locate faster.

Thanking you,


Jane Roberts