Employment Letters

By | June 15, 2011

Employment letters are documents which either confirm a candidate’s acceptance at a company or business firm, or which a candidate writes to request for an opportunity at a firm. The former is more often the case, and such letters are professional letters. Hence their tone is crisp, business like and concise. Since these letters are formal letters, they follow a strict stylistic and formal norm, they are written in a particular style which is deemed appropriate and they include, for the candidate’s help, information regarding the job he or she has been selected for. Details like salary, perks, and work hours are often included in the employment letter itself, or in the form of attached documents with the letter.

The second kind of employment letters, which are written by potential candidate soliciting a particular company for jobs, is also formal in nature. They must be written in a tone that coveys the efficiency, business like thought process and reasoning, passion and zeal of the candidate. They must be written very carefully as often they form the basis on which first impressions are formed. They should also be composed in a tone of humility, and must provide all the necessary information about the candidate. Thus, employment letters are of many kinds, and each kind must be written by keeping in mind their own special codes of signification.

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