Employment Contract Extension Letter

By | December 3, 2014

An employment contract extension letter is a letter which is used by an employer or a company to inform an employee that his/her employment contract has been extended. The letter must state the length of extension and the date from which the employment shall be extended. A sample of one such employment contract extension letter is given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Employment Contract Extension Letter


Sarah Pascal

Junior Marketing Manager

Darwin and Woods Company

S-45, second floor, William tower,

Piccadilly district, London

United Kingdom

Date: 5th Mar 2014

Subject: employment contract extension letter

Dear Miss Pascal,

I, Jonathan Trott, the Chairman of this company am writing this letter to you to inform you that your employment contract is being extended for another 12 months. The terms and conditions of the original contract will be carried forward without any changes for this extended time period.

You have performed decently well in the last 12 months of your employment in the marketing department and based on this performance, we have decided to extend this contract. The extension time period shall begin from 20th March 2014. During the extended period, you cannot resign from the company or take up a job anywhere else. Moreover, you will be eligible for a promotion or appraisal during this period and the company will not cancel your employment unless you violate any terms of the employment contract.

We are giving you a pay raise of $100 per month, effective from 20th March 2014.


Jonathan Trott