Employee Welcome Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Greg Gellar

45-P, East Street Avenue

Post office tower,


18th May 2011

Dear Mr. Greg

Subject: Welcoming to you in our company

We are extremely glad and happy as a corporation to welcome you to our company ‘Kell private limited’ from the 21st May 2011 onwards. You shall be filling the position of the Industrial engineer in the technical department and we wish to inform you that this is one of the most crucial job positions in our company. We are looking forward to see you prove us right in the decision to hire you over the other great applicants as far as qualifications and experience is concerned.

Our company shall welcome you and I am sure you would be able to fit in comfortably. We hope you realise your duties and help us grow further as far as the success and development is concerned.

Welcome once again!

Yours sincerely

Kell Fredrick